Ginormous Photo Dump

Whoa. There are a lot of pictures here. I have been gone from this blog for far too long.

Otsego Pumpkin Day! An annual tradition! Kids have a blast and we get free pumpkins. Bonus.

Halloween. A vampire and a member of the SWAT team. Adorbs.

 Check out that loot!

We've been running the turkey run on Thanksgiving morning, for the past 6 or so years with Kelli and Christian-not pictured!. We love it! It's a great way to start out the amazing holiday! This year was so beautiful out!
Guys letting out a little steam before heading to the Greenwald's!

 After dinner dominoes!
 Climbing trees with Uncle Bryan!

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to get our Christmas tree! Ross and I started doing this after we got married and I love that we've continued this tradition with our boys. They enjoy it so much!

Cutting down the perfect tree!

 Rocko found his spot!

The Star!

 The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to Breezy Point for a second holiday get together with my side. Not all of our family was in attendance, but we had a great time nonetheless. Swimming, eating, Jenga, Headbanz, movies...FUN!

Meet Danielson! Our ElF on the Shelf. He joined our family to keep and eye out for good and bad behavior. He reported back to santa on a nightly basis. This is a genius idea!

 And he had a lot of crazy shenanigans!

Grand Slam one evening, with Dad and Grandpa Greg

The Holidazzle Parade

First big snow storm


Cabela's Santa

Cashie's school program
 Dane's Gingerbread party

My side of the family got together at our house this year, for Christmas. 24 people. Sounds like a lot and it is. But so much fun!
 Grandkid picture

 Minute to Win It games! Ohmigosh everyone had so much fun! We are definitely doing this again next year!


 Christmas Eve at Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Greg's

Family coloring!
 Santa's helper in the tub
 In my stocking from my parent's house. Hmmm...
 Christmas funny boy!
 First trip to Build a Bear

Ross and I took a trip with our friends to Aruba! We rang in 2013 in this beautiful paradise! It was an excellent trip--Thanks so much to our parents for making it possible to leave the boys and dog for a week. We came back recharged and tan!
 Kelli and Christian's cute little bun


The day after we returned. BRRR.

My lovely new handmade quilt from my LeAnne!

Playing Headbanz with this cutie!
Fort Sleepover in Buggie's Room!
 Sea Monkeys. EEW.

Dane earned a ride in a Hummer limo, from all of the fundraising he did! Awesome!

 And finally, the boys took a karate class through community ed. So cute!